Frequently Asked Questions

NovaCred’s team works with all healthcare providers (individuals, groups, facilities) to aid in the credentialing and contracting process with insurance companies. We work with surgical centers, mental health facilities, MD and DO groups, PT groups, and just about every specialty across the country.

Our team is ready to get started immediately in taking on your credentialing services. The timeline depends on many factors, including the insurance company timeline and what type of entity or individual is being credentialed. It can take from 60 days to several months.

Once our team starts working on your account, you will have a live link to a spreadsheet in order to review the notes in real time as we update them.

Credentialing and staying in-network with insurance payers is crucial to achieving and maintaining optimum reimbursement. That will increase everyone’s revenue. Proper credentialing of providers is one of the first blocks of a stable revenue cycle foundation. If the credentialing process is not completed correctly or at all, proper reimbursement for services performed is not received and denials will occur with claims.

Yes, NovaCred is a US-based team and it is all done in-house (not subcontracted out to another party).

Insurance enrollments, obtaining and negotiating insurance contracts, re-credentialing, CAQH maintenance (and/or setup), NPI setups as needed, contract negotiations upon contract maturity, anything credentialing related. We also do hospital applications, and will renew licenses and DEAs upon request.

This does not include billing, or coding, or setting up of EFTs/EDIs/ERAs/provider portals (those are all billing-related tasks and where we hand off the baton). We do not handle claims or patient information.

Paying your initial invoice will kick off NovaCred’s services for one year from your date of payment. Reach out to and our team will send you the information and invoice needed to get started.