NovaCred Healthcare Contracting

Let's be honest - sifting through insurance contracts is not why you entered into the medical field.

While insurance companies do have their benefits for your patients, coming to an agreement with several different companies can end up taking a lot of time and resources away from your patients, your staff, and your family.

This is where NovaCred Credentialing can help. When you partner with our team, we will take away the burden of obtaining, negotiating and executing contracts with insurance companies on behalf of individual providers, groups, and/or facilities.

By choosing to work with NovaCred Credentialing, you give up the hassle of reviewing, interpreting and negotiating all contracts with the insurance companies you choose to work with. Your NovaCred Credentialing team will also review your eligibility for rate increases, meaning better contracts, in future years once contracts reach maturity.

Why NovaCred Credentialing?

When you partner with NovaCred Credentialing, you are working with the very best in the credentialing industry.

As a fully-remote US-based team, we have the ability to be available to providers and facilities across the nation. When a provider is weighing the options between figuring out credentialing themselves, hiring a full-time (or even part-time) staff member to handle it, or choosing our entire team of experts, the choice is a no-brainer!

With NovaCred Credentialing, once you pay your annual one-time fee, our team will handle all contracting and credentialing tasks for your organization.